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Introducing... the Team Pando flow editor


You can now easily edit your Team Pando product flows

Last week we gave you a sneak peak into how we use Team Pando to build features for Team Pando.

That feature has now been live and used by amazing members of Team Pando for a few days so we thought it was time to officially share a demo with you all.

First, a reminder about what we built.

Team Pando's Requirements Understanding Engine is the world's first and best engine for extracting the structure from the normal product requirements we all write every day. We turn requirements into product flows that faithfully represent the product that you're defining.

When the flows that we generate are slightly different from what you expected, your first choice should be to update the requirements to clarify your intention. We recommend that as the first choice not because it will help our Requirements Understanding Engine but because it will help the rest of your team understand exactly what you have in mind.

Sometimes, though, you just want to make a quick change. In those cases, Team Pando now let's you easily make changes to the flow we created for each requirement.

Check out flow editing in action, below.

Or open up Team Pando and try it out for yourself!

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